Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planned Parenthood Counters Super Bowl Anti-Choice Ad

Planned Parenthood has released a "pro-woman" ad with athletes Al Joyner and Sean James. The ad is designed to counter the controversial CBS-approved anti-choice ad sponsored by the ultra right wing evangelical group Focus on the Family that will run on Super Bowl Sunday. CBS has come under fire from progressive groups for refusing to accept ads from gay and liberal-progressive groups while showing preference to conservative ad companies. Althouth the word "abortion" is not used in the ad, the Focus on the Family spot features Christian football player Tim Tebow with his mother, reflecting on her "pro-life" decision to have him. According to CBS executives not only green lit the ad but worked closely with Focus on the Family to develop it.

Planned Parenthood ad:

Women's Media Center petition against ad:

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